Express Trailers launched its online shopping platform in 2012 to assist online shoppers in Malta have their purchases shipped safely and reliably to Malta, directly to their door. rides on the strength that no size or weight limitations apply and therefore, online shoppers can practically buy anything they want and have it shipped to Malta through the robust logistics set-up offered by Express Trailers. started operating from four depots – UK, Germany, Italy and France with the addition of Sicily a few months after the service was launched.

The successful and consistent growth of this service led Express Trailers to add another four depots namely in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and in Austria, bringing the number of European depots to a total of eight, all strategically located across Europe.

In 2018, the platform was not only revamped with a new look but also had its application extended so that with a few simple clicks, customers can now send anything they want to anywhere in the world, effectively enabling anyone to become a global retailer.
Today, is increasingly being regarded as the ideal very simple to use online shopping delivery platform by anyone located in Malta.