Express Trailers Opts To Support Society’s More Vulnerable

Cash donations and clothes vouchers instead of Christmas hampers.

In a clear departure from past years, Express Trailers, the directors and management of Express Group this year took the decision to re-allocate the budget usually used for hundreds of Christmas hampers to make donations in aid of three charity institutions to help them in their respective operations and charitable work.

Express Trailers has in fact presented cash donations and vouchers to three charity organisations namely Fondazzjoni Sebħ based at Fra Diegu home in Ħamrun, to the St Jeanne Antide Foundation in Tarxien and the Ursuline Sisters in Sliema.

“Many of us lucky enough to get gifts and warmth from our family and friends stand in contrast with many people outr there who happen to be emarginated, isolated and lonely. Making the festive season a bit better for those who are many times forgotten, will give us peace in our hearts and this is why this Christmas, our commitment was towards these more vulnerable citizens of our society,” said Franco Azzopardi, Chairman and CEO of Express Trailers.

Fondazzjoni Sebħ provides for children living in out of home care in homes run by male and female religious congregations and offers shelter for survivors of domestic violence. This shelter was the first of its kind in Malta, focused on empowering women and children to reintegrate into the community, independent from their abusers.

The St Jeanne Antide Foundation provides professional support services to vulnerable individuals and families who are suffering due to very difficult life circumstances or who are socially excluded. The Foundation seeks to be present for individuals and families through existing support services, helping them restore their dignity and guiding them to become independent.

The Ursuline Homes, founded by Mgr. Isidor dei Conti Formosa, provide residence to children who are unable to live with their family. We strive to create a healthy environment in which children can grow holistically in a safe and professionally sustained ambience. Through constant love and understanding, we seek to realize the full potential of our children with the aim for them to reintegrate into their family and/or community as healthy, happy, responsible and independent adults.